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 I wish mama all the happiness,


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[anyone with half a brain will notice]-that particularly epic broship 

and while these two are sassing it out the marshall’s just

yup yup. watched pacific rim and needed to express my feels.


I just really want them to have a perfect life together ok!?

You can always find me in the drift.

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Pacific Rim by ชมรมเชียร์[C4 TEAM]


Inspired by (x)

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make me choose: raleigh beckett or mako mori


Ghost Drifting is said to be an unanticipated consequence of the Neural Handshake. Pilots are said to find that their link remains somewhat active, though muted, after they’ve disconnected from the hardware. Pilots who Drift with one another long enough begin to adopt certain personality traits of their partner, but their own core personality and consciousness remain intact.

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